Why practicing yoga in the morning

Why do we do yoga in the morning? Starting the day by awakening the body with yoga and pranayama practice is a great habit. Since our body is still half asleep, we should avoid any high-impact movements: our bodies like to be treated with kindness.

Practicing yoga in the morning stimulates tissue oxygenation

Practicing yoga in the morning helps us to eliminate toxins accumulated during the night, much like opening a window to let fresh air in. And I cannot think of a more empowering way to start the day than by checking in with myself on my mat.

It is ideal to practice sixty minutes of hatha yoga and pranayama. The first few times incorporating this new routine might be difficult, I know it was for me. And perhaps the practice will not even be pleasant at first. This is because when the body is not used to the movement it becomes a storehouse of toxins, and if the joints are not stimulated, they rust.

When we practice yoga in the morning I recommend that you do it on an empty stomach, drink some warm water before class and then another glass before breakfast, and then you are ready for your day.

Why practicing yoga in the morning
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Pranayama is another very important aspect of practice yoga in the morning. Pranayama is our fuel, we wouldn’t be on our feet if oxygen wasn’t running through our bodies. Bad posture, lack of awareness of our own way of breathing, and everyday worries can change the way we breathe and influence our thoughts. The way we breathe during any activity informs us about our mood and inner world.

Speaking of breathing techniques, I’ve signed up for “Winter Chill” online training with my teacher (and friend) Benjamin Sears and I’m so excited about it! We will immerse ourselves in breath work and mobility training for 30 hours, you can still sign up here. I think it will be well worth it!

Personally, beyond the incredible benefits of practicing yoga asana and pranayama techniques in the morning I find that is a way to refresh my body and welcome the day.

There is another thing I do every single morning before any activity: I meditate. I’ll speak about this topic on another post, stay tuned 🙂 !

Thank you for taking time to read these articles. Here you can find the schedule for my online classes. Enjoy your practice! Hope I’ll see you soon 🙂

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