Yoga is life

As I flow through life I feel connected to my body as the home to my soul.

Giulia Capuzzo – Yoga Teacher

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My name is Giulia Capuzzo and I chose to dedicate my life to practicing, learning, and teaching Yoga.

My practice began in Madrid in 2011 while I was still a student at University.  Although my mom had been a yogini for years and tried to take me to class many times, it was only when I was in Madrid that I decided to truly invest in my personal health and growth.

My first yoga class felt like a journey back home into my body. I felt overall more aware and relaxed. This had such a strong impact on me that I decided to continue practicing and soon felt the need to share this unique tool with more people.

I was feeling, and still feel, very grateful for having yoga in my life; I wanted everyone to experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

Practicing Yoga includes physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation. Through this practice you can begin a self discovery journey. The keys to getting to know yourself are curiosity and flexibility. I am still in the process of my self discovery as I continue to learn from my teachers and my own daily practice.

CESARE PAVESE , Author of “This Business of Living”

“It is good to be alive because living is beginning, always, every moment.”

This quote reminds me of the practice of Yoga: living in the present moment, being in tune with the breath of the Earth, and embracing Life. I took a leap of faith with Yoga and Meditation and experienced a new way of living my life along with its many benefits: self-awareness, vitality, compassion, physical and mental flexibility and trust in myself.

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Teacher Training Experience

Los Angeles – USA  

Teacher Training – Bikram Yoga College of India


Milan – Italy

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Maurizio Morelli


Tourrettes-sur-Loup -Francia

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa 200 hr Teacher Training with Benjamin Sears 


Online Teacher Training

Yin Yoga with Kassandra Reinhardt


Milan – Italy

Restorative Yoga – Hohm Street Yoga


Online Teacher Training

Yin Yoga – Hohm Street Yoga

Katonah Yoga – The Studio New York


Yoga Teacher

I have been part of the Luxyoga staff with Benjamin Sears. I call this place home.

I taught in Madrid, Barcelona, Luxembourg, US, Milano, Padua, Vicenza, Pordenone and I currently teach privates and group classes online and in person.  I practice the Vedic Meditation technique, known as Transcendental Meditation (MT). I studied VM with my teacher Light Watkins in London in 2019 and then we partnered up for a meditation rounding retreat at Eremito, a digital detox retreat centre in Umbria.

I feel lucky to have met so many teachers along the way. I’m grateful for Lucia Kelley, Nicola Artico, Benjamin Sears, Maurizio Morelli, Craig Villani, Jared McCann, Marco Migliavacca, Giovanna De Paulis and so many others. I also found inspiration from studying Forrest and Katonah Yoga.

My mission when teaching is to pass along these techniques I have learned to my students and invite them to implement these tools in their lives as an ongoing experience.

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Making contact with nature everyday is an important ritual in my life.

I feel the need to make stable contact with the Earth. Through hiking in the mountains, I have learned the importance of being grounded. This is when I feel safe and my heart sings freely.