Awareness and Vitality

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Meditation increases our awareness and is a unique practice for our wellbeing.

The way we live in our society have an impact in the increase of stress levels in our bodies which lowers our vitality and aliveness. Meditation is a practice that expands our awareness and takes us beyond the layers od the conditioned mind where we can experience a deep sense of aliveness and connection with life. Meditation helps in maintaining a sustainable balance in our bodies and can help reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue.

I teach a simple and effective technique which enables anyone to develop a consistent and independent daily practice.

I am currently teaching online groups in Italian. You can book your private session in English with me.

meditation online teacher

Why this technique?

Great for anyone, especially people who have never meditated

Simple to learn, effortless to practice

Easy to make into a daily habit on your own

Perfect for people who believe they could never meditate because they are restless and can’t calm their mind

Not religious
Requires no focus or control
Can be done anywhere, anytime

Benefits of MEDITATION

meditation classes

Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue

Increase energy and vitality

Give you better clarity and focus

Increase your happiness and wellbeing

Give access to greater states of creativity

Create greater self-awareness

Increases concentration

Promotes clarity in making choices especially under high stress situations

Practice Meditation with me!

The technique I teach in my courses is the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique, a simple practice, accessible to all especially newbies to meditation and does not require any kind of previous knowledge.

About the course

Session 1

  • Introduction to meditation
  • Learn the technique and we will do a meditation together
  • Q&A
  • Understand the nature or the mind, the mechanics of stress and how it impacts our lives
  • The effects of a solid daily meditation practice
  • Homework: meditation home practice

Session 2

  • Share your home practice experience with the group
  • Meditation with the group
  • Q&A
  • Learn how to build a solid daily practice and how to face the main fears and obstacles around it
  • Homework: meditation home practice

Session 3

  • Share your home practice experience with the group
  • Meditation with the group
  • Q&A
  • Discussion on BEING, the importance of self-awareness, of love and how it impacts our lives.
  • *Final surprise*